CEMESP, CDD Spearhead AU Democracy Day Celebration

CEMESP, CDD Spearhead AU Democracy Day CelebrationAll is set for the celebration of the Africa Union Democracy Day in Liberia on September 19th instant. This is a joint initiative of Center for Media Studies and Peacebuilding, (CEMESP Liberia) and Center for Democracy and Development based in Nigeria.

The AU Democracy Day is not definitive and assumes country specific character with the abiding element of promoting good governance and human rights principles. In Liberia it will be observed at the Carey Street Market Place conference hall, as an extension of the launched campaign to ratify, popularize and implement the African Union and ECOWAS instruments on democracy good governance and elections.

Following the last month launch of the National Plan of Action including the National Platform of CSOs to push the process forward, the celebration of the African Union Democracy Day has been earmarked as a critical opportunity to further sell the relevance of these two instruments in attracting the buy in of both state and non-state actors.

As country focal point in this arrangement that is intended to deepen the democracy of Liberia, CEMESP has been in consultation with key stakeholders including influential lawmakers to especially ensure that a legislative agenda is obtained for the domestication of the two instruments.

Observance of the AU Democracy day which starts in the morning up to midday is therefore a step further in media and CSO engagement that CEMESP had been engaged with since the launch of the national plan of action.

The planned in door program is going to witness statements from eminent state and non-state actors in hammering home the values and principles embedded in the two instruments.

As in other nine sub regional countries where this project is targeting, officials of CDD are expected  to grace the Liberia AU Democracy Day in providing technical and material support for a process that is going to be country led in all phases of ratification, popularization and implementation of the cited instruments.

“It is an opportunity for stakeholders to recommit to the terms of the communiqué that was signed at the launch of this project on 10th July 2013,” disclosed CEMESP Exec. Director Malcolm Joseph.

He said the AU Democracy, a first of its kind in the history of Liberia, will avail the opportunity for members of the public to ask questions and get answers on what it means  to sincerely keep to the tenets of good governance and democracy in this trying times.

There will an opportunity for update on the steady progress and challenges that have so far been recorded since the launch of the National Plan of Action, a systematic outline of what needs to be done in ratifying, popularizing and implementing the instruments.

As it were in the previous engagement at the same Carey Street Market place venue, there will be presentation on issues that germane to the instruments.