CEMESP-UNESCO: Hosting of Media Laws Lobby Retreat

CEMESP-UNESCO Hosting of Media Laws Lobby RetreatA move to fast track media-CSO advocacy lobby for the enactment of three media bills in Liberia has been resumed, thanks to further support from UNESCO.

Center for Media Studies and Peacebuilding is implementing this project as a furtherance of a roundtable hosted early this year.

The three media bills namely: Public Service Broadcaster; Community Radio Sustainability and Broadcast Regulator have been stalling for passage since the term of the 52nd legislature.

There is therefore the need to resubmit these bills to the 53rd legislature. This was part of suggestions of the referenced January 17th and 18th 2013 roundtable, which sought expert opinions from Ghana and Sierra Leone.

Explaining the rationale behind this resumption of efforts to get the three media bills passed into law, CEMESP Executive Director Malcolm Joseph said it is means of making proactive moves to lobby some lawmakers in buying into process.

He said these laws hold immense prospect for deepening of the democratic trajectory that guarantees development in post war Liberia and most not be construed as giving too much of media rights.

The Minister of Information Culture and Tourism Lewis Brown is expected to deliver the keynote at the one day retreat that is intended to garner suggestions about the lobby and advocacy strategy to be employed this time around.

The President of the Press Union of Liberia Peter Quaqua and President of the National Civil Society Council Francess Greaves will equally deliver goodwill statements at the said one day retreat to be held at the Charles Gbayon auditorium in Monrovia.

It is planned that the one day lobby retreat will lead to Media-CSO coalition closed door meetings meeting with selected lawmakers.

Climaxing it all will be a mobilization of the coalition to petition the House to pass these media bills into laws, when they return from the agricultural break.

“I am seizing this opportunity to appeal to all partners for media development ant freedom of expression to join us in this effort intended to take Liberia to another level,” Malcolm Joseph said in a statement.