Reporter fears his job over threats for allegedly broadcasting ‘Anti-Weah stories’

April 26, 2018
A reporter at the state owned Liberia Broadcasting System, Varflay Kamara has lodged a formal complaint with the Press Union of Liberia over alleged threat, and safety of his job.
Journalist Kamara in a communication to the PUL dated April 25, 2018 said on Wednesday April 11, 2018, the Deputy Director General for Rural Broadcast at the Liberia Broadcasting System Boima JV Boima accused him of being against the government of President George Manneh Weah.
“He bluntly told me in my face that I was against the government of President George Manneh Weah. Mr. Boima told me that I was posting negatives on social media (Facebook to be specific) about the government of which I am an employee”, Kamara was quoted as saying.
He said Mr. Boimah without making any reference to the specific Facebook post advised him to stop.
Kamara complained of souring working relations between him and the Deputy Director for Media Services at LBS –Tetee Gebro a situation he believed led to his abrupt one month suspension for missing out on a single news casting schedule, three days after he was issued warning by Mr. Boima.
“I was never given a warning letter as spelt out in PART 10 SECTION 2 of the Human Resource Manual of the Liberia Broadcasting System. I am threatened. I risk being dismissed at any given time. The form and manner I was served this one month suspension has given me a second thought”.

He pleads with the PUL leadership to inquire from Mr. Boima how he (Varflay Kamara) has been against the Weah Administration given the fact that Boima has a strong tie with the Deputy for Media Services Tete Gebro who controls the department in which he works.
The LBS newscaster who additionally serves as assigned reporter at the Liberian Legislature said, his plea with PUL sterns from the fact that the indictment that he is “against the Weah Administration” makes him fear of losing the only job he has to sustain his family.